Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 8 - the famous "un"Loveless cafe

Ok, it's not really the "un"Loveless cafe. It is the Loveless cafe. It is a super famous southern-cooking cafe (which used to have a motel) on the outside of Nashville.

They used to have a biscuit lady but unfortunately she passed away last year . . . .

They are famous for these . . . their southern biscuits.

That I was not able to eat while we were at the "un"Loveless cafe. Ok, I think my mom's biscuits are the best but I was really hungry and they brought them out to the table before our dinners were served. Mean.

Ok, that was not actually the worst part of the day.

The worst part was that it was fast Sunday and what does our branch do on fast Sunday? Break the fast. There was so much good food. There was 2% paleo okay food. 1%- the salad we brought, the other 1% - someone made chicken.

There were dishes upon dishes of amazing food and desserts and I came back to the table with a salad and piece of chicken. Awesome. No, actually worst (hardest) day yet, ever.

Here is a math equation for you.

Mormon food culture ≠ Paleo. Boooooooooo.

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Donna said...

Wow! that must have been tough...all that good food. you are amazing....sticking to your diet. Your Mom does make fantastic bisquits. She made them for breakfast one time when we were visiting. Frank's a Southern boy and loves bisquits and gravy.