Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 7 - the Petersons come to visit and a skype baby shower!

(I have been using her website a lot for cooking ideas. It is great!)

Day 7

One thing I am struggling with is not eating enough. I honestly need to eat another meal because I am constantly hungry. Not the I have a craving hungry but my stomach growls.

Changes I have noticed:

Rare G.I. issues (TMI, I know)

Little sugar cravings (Friday being a MaJoR exception)

My skin issues came back within only a day or two after getting off my medication, but they are now subsiding again

No more orange tongue! (That was due to my medication though)


Now, to be honest, I am not necessarily convinced of the Paleo diet. I am just experimenting with it. I am trying to find what is best for me. Being on the Paleo diet I have been eating way more veggies and no refined sugars, breads, desserts, etc. So, whether it is the Paleo diet or just eating more whole foods, I am not sure. Either way, it is working thus far.

The Petersons come to visit! Mitch's fam is in town this week to hang out with us! Ok, more like Mitch because he has spring break and I am a workin' woman. But, it is still going to be fun!

Also, it was my sister's baby shower on Saturday afternoon! I was able to attend via skype. Once again, I love technology!!! It was so fun to "see" everyone and her preggo belly! Last time I saw her she only had a little, itty bitty bump. I have seen her progress pictures over the last few months but they just didn't compare to "seeing" her. Her preggo belly is so cute! Major basketball bump. I am so excited for SVS to come!


Donna said...

I just ordered The Clean Diet book. Hopefully it won't take to long to get to me. Gonna try it.

We saw Miranda's cute baby belly at the family reunion. She was so dang cute.....Can't wait to see pictures when the baby is delivered....:)

Miranda said...

Someone actually said to me the other day that it looked like I would give birth to a basketball. Yes, proud mama-to be of a basketball right here!