Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 10 - No freakin' men allowed!!!

Today I was still paying for eating at the "un"Loveless cafe on freakin' Sunday.

I got a new idea from someone at the gym. Sweet potatoes in smoothies. Um, yeah, it is really good. Sounds gross but you should try it. I am actually pretty obsessed with smoothies. I looooove them. I have one at least every other day. Instead of yogurt I use a little bit of coconut milk. Yum. Though I can usually only have 1/2 cup because I am only eating about 2 fruits a day.

This is my class. Hope these ladies don't mind that they are on my blog! :)

I am so annoyed. I go to zumba on Tuesday nights. It is awesome. Not awesome is that guys go to the class. And even worse they whistle and make cat calls sometimes. Seriously, it pisses me off. I love zumba because I get to shake my bootie and it is okay. I do not like it when a guy is right behind me and making cat calls. Now, I am not saying he is calling at me because let's be honest, my butt is kind of big and unattractive. But, it ticks me off that they think they can do this. Do they not notice that there are 3 guys in a class of over 100 women? (Yes, there are usually over a hundred in this class!) Do they not get that they shouldn't be in this class?!

No freakin' men allowed!

Well, unless they are gay. Because then they won't be making cat calls and most likely can shake their booties like the rest of the women.

*Look forward to tomorrow, I made Paleo lasagna. So yummy! Oh, and I can't eat girl scout cookies*


Anonymous said...

You should just make your own sign and sneakily attach it to the door. 'Ladies only'. Preferably a pink sign.

Miranda said...

^^ That was my comment, sorry. Not so good at the whole internets thing.