Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 4 - I love technology

Day 4

Nothing really too fancy about today. Oh, I know. I love technology!! I was able to listen to a podcast on my phone about GF and the "issues" stuff will I was driving to see my home health patients. Seriously how amazing is that? Kip was right!

We ate of the gluten free menu when we went out to eat. It really wasn't hard because I got a steak and veggies. So, it would have been GF anyways.

Sorry, kind of a boring post.

Oh, and we watched The Office episode we missed on Thursday. Threat Level Midnight. Seriously what is The Office going to do without Michael Scott?

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Ben and KoriAnn said...

Did you like The Office on Thursday night? Kind of thought it was weird, I might have liked it more if I wouldn't have watched it by myself. Who knows?? You are doing good at the gluten free challenge!! Have you tried Pop Chips?? I had them last night and they are gluten free. Kind of a different texture and flavor to them but overall I enjoyed them...Ben not so much so I ate the whole bag to myself...OOPS!!!