Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 3 - Call me the awkward Queen

I had to make a quick run to the grocery store tonight and I was really hungry. I swear to you that the croissants and wheat bread were chanting my name. But, I pressed on to my destination. Fruit. Mmmmm.

On a strange side note. I have been clogging with a team I found near Nashville (ok, actually it is an hour away. So, not really near). They are being kind of weird and exclusive. They basically said I couldn't clog with one of the teams because I had to work my way onto the team. I immediately felt like I was like 10. Um, I have been clogging since I was around 9. Uhhhh, I already know how to clog. Ummm, I felt super awkward. Seriously, the team is so set that you can't add one more person? I don't care if I am in the back row. I am not there for the spotlight. I am just doing it for fun. I seriously always get into weird situations like this. It was just weird. No other way to describe it. Isn't dance supposed to be for fun? Weird, weird, weird.

Here is another perfect example. One time while I was attending BYU, I was asked to give a prayer at a fireside in Draper because some of the speakers were scholarship donors in the Salt Lake chapter BYU alumni of which I was a recipient. Anyways, I told them that I would be there and they said I would be giving the opening prayer. I was told the time to be there. Yadee, yadee Mitch and I arrive and are seated before they start the fireside. They start the fireside and I am about to get up to say the prayer. Well, someone else gets up and says the prayer. It was so weird. I was like did they ask me to say the prayer? Did I imagine it? No, I didn't imagine it. They specifically called me and asked me. They actually called me several weeks beforehand and then confirmed it a few days before the fireside date. I drove out to Draper for nothing? I was so confused. Weird. Weird. Weird. No joke, I was so perplexed and a little mad I just left. I am so unspiritual. Let the awkwardness continue.

Yes, I seriously have weird situations like this happen to me all of the time. So, it makes me wonder. Am I awkward and weird??? Do I give off that vibe that I command awkward situations? I must.

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Loni said...

I know it has been forever (HELLO YOU GUYS!) but I just am laughing out loud at the awkwardnesses. I always have experiences like that. LOVE IT!