Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 8 - zumba!

The zumba class that I go to on Tuesday nights is so packed! Usually, there is over 100 people. Yes, people. And yes, I said over 100. It was so dang hot! There are a few guys that go. I asked Mitch what he thought about going to zumba and he said H-no! Well, at least I tried.

Well, we ate something boring for dinner. Steak, potato, and salad. Boring but always good.

In other news, according to Mitch, my neck looks skinnier. Seriously Mitch? My neck?! Goodie, I not only have ridiculously skinny ankles but I also now have a skinnier neck. Thanks. ( I do have ridiculous ankles. I have the hardest time finding boots. My ankles are just ridiculous. The good news is I probably won't ever have to deal with the sorrow of cankles)

Next time just don't even say anything.

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Ben and KoriAnn said...

Hahahaha!! Oh man that was funny. I laughed out loud! We miss you guys!