Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 7 - to Paleo or not to Paleo?

Nothin' special today really. Oh, we tried the gluten-free mac and cheese. Eh, so so. Though, I think it was my fault. I think I added too much milk. Did I mention I am a bad cook?

On to Paleo diet. I know, if you read about it on Wiki you are thinking, what?? But hear me out. The reason I want to maybe try a 30-day challenge is because it is basically void of common food allergens such as: gluten, dairy, peanuts, etc. It is a possibility, in fact most likely, that I have food intolerances or food allergies causing my "issues." I know you are probably thinking, she has food allergies? I have never seen her have problems. But, it is possible that I do. Something my body doesn't like is causing me to have problems. In fact, crazy as it sounds it could all be autoimmune related. I have been doing a lot of research. "They" (the experts) are not exactly sure what causes the "issues" but there is much supporting evidence that it is autoimmune and causes inflammation.

Long story short, I think I am going to go Paleo for the 30-day challenge. I love meat, I love veggies and fruits. Though, I am sure going to miss my cheese!!!!!! And, sadly, I can't eat my natural peanut butter on Paleo. *tear* Oh, and sauces. I never quite realized how much I use sauces.

Going Paleo reminds of me of being in Europe. They suck at salad dressings!! I remember anywhere we would go they would only put olive oil on their salads. Yuck! But, that is going to be me. Now it is, mmmmmm. *cringe*

30 days is not that long, right? I mean if after 30 days I don't feel better I can just try something else. I can do it. 30 days. I need my own Paleo mantra.

Now, I just need to convince Mitchie. You would think all-you-can-eat meat would be enticing . . . boy was I wrong.

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