Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 6 - Paninis . . . mmmmm

On the menu today, turkey paninis. They consisted of rice bread, smoked turkey, provolone, spicy mustard (yes, gluten free. We made sure), and avocado. OMG. Sooo good!

Then, we had this for dinner.

(Mitch's plate, not mine. I didn't remember that I liked bratwurst so I only had one. I should have had two)

Bratwurst. Mitch just had to have them. But, I gotta admit, they were really good! I swear we haven't had a bratwurst since Germany. I miss Germany. I have been itching to go back :(((

Too bad we couldn't have brötchen with it right Dad? (Major family inside joke. Did you all know my Dad is quite possibly the funniest person alive?)

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