Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July and Mitch's b-day

We had a pretty dang good 4th. We went downtown on the riverfront where there were performances including Wynona, many blowup stuff for kids, nasty people (we love to people watch) and of course a lot of food. Not only did they have corndogs but they also had shark and more. A corndog was 6 bucks . . . we didn't even look at the price of the shark. Of course the real reason we went down there was for the fireworks. Apparently Nashville has some of the best. So we gave them a shot. Taylorsville Dayzz has awesome fireworks so it was a tough competition.

The festivities for us actually started with us in the car. We had a dance party for a while because it was way too rainy. It was POURING rain and of course came down like a monsoon. That is definitely something I am adjusting to here. Once in a while there is a downpour in Utah but here it happens all of the time. They are the kind of rainstorms where you get scared.

I am awesome because on the 4th I wear blue eyeshadow , a white shirt, blue shorts and red jewelry. I love the 4th of July!

The ridiculously expensive corndogs and fries. We decided that from now on we are going to go to a nice restaurant for the same price before we go to an event like this. Then, we are just going to buy cotton candy or something. I was pretty disappointed with my corndog. Kind of gross actually. Remind me why I loved them so much as a kid?

So, we watched the fireworks on the pedestrian bridge across the river. Yes a power line was in front of us but it wasn't bad. The fireworks were pretty much amazing! I think they might have Taylorsville Dayzz beat. The only thing was that they started at 8pm because it started to rain a little . . .

Then, it started to pour. We thought we were being smart by bringing an umbrella and an anorak. Nope, we still got soaked because about every minute the rain direction would change. It was actually really fun! It made for a memorable 4th. We were done with the fireworks and in our car by 8:45pm. I have never been finished with fireworks that early in my life.

Yeah for the 4th of July! That day while driving I was listening to God Bless America by Leann Rimes and I might have started to cry a little. I am really grateful for the good ole U.S.A.

We celebrated Mitch's birthday at Red Lobster with the Rojo family from the mission. They are a great family and their kids are hilarious. When we sang happy birthday the oldest son told the waitress that Mitch's name was Pablo and so we sang happy birthday to Pablo. It was a great time. Happy Birthday Mitchie!!


Julia M. said...

What a fun fourth! I always get teary-eyed myself. At least you will remember this one forever. I'm glad you're liking it there!

Kassie said...

I am jealous on several counts!! I love wynonna, I Love greasy corndogs and I wish I could have worn annoracks on the fourth! Happy Birthday Pablo!!

Ashley said...

Happy birthday Pablo! You wore an anorak Meg? Awesome! That just reminds me of Kassie and girls camp.