Thursday, June 25, 2009

My connection to Michael Jackson

I know Michael Jackson was a bit cooky but I always told Mitch that no matter what he is one of the greatest dancers ever and an awesome singer. So in honor of him I will tell my "Thriller" story.

I was in a jazz class my freshman year at BYU and it was Halloween time. So naturally we were learning the "Thriller" dance. It was so great and fun. No really, I loved it! Well, on the day of Halloween or near to we were to perform the dance in class. We were all getting into it and having a blast. As we were doing the dance we were doing the part where you raise your hands and walk like a zombie. Then, you turn. Well, me and the girl behind me were too close to each other and as I turned I realized that I hit something. What was that something? Well, it was her mouth. Yep, I knocked out some of her bottom teeth with my thriller move. Awesome. Pretty much there was blood everywhere. The worst part is that Shan and I were maybe laughing a little after because the groan that the girl made was kind of funny. Also, it is really hilarious that I knocked out her teeth. I mean, who does that? Yep, I do.

Let's just say I felt really bad when I saw the girl maybe a year later and she still had her braces on. Did she still have them on because of me? I am not sure.

I truly love the "Thriller" dance. It was not the only song of his I did a dance to over the years. Michael has a special place in my heart. Poor crazy and awesomely talented Michael. In honor of him I am going to put all of the songs I did dances to on my playlist. Oh the memories.


McKenzie said...

I really want to know who the girl was! That story is hilarious. Good old MJ! Who doesn't love his music?

Donna said...

That was hilarious, but had to feel bad for the girl. Frank & I used to rock out to MJ's tapes. We loved Thriller, and still do. MJ will live on forever with his moves and music.

Ashley said...


Caleb, Shannyn, and Clark Weiler said...

Hahahahha. I LOVED THAT DAY. I am so glad that you posted about that. Yes, it was sad, but it was so funny at the same time. It also brought back a flood of memories from our fresh year. Hey, Meg......I stayed 100lbs until I got pregnant!!!!

Bethany and Thomas said...

I laughed so hard at this post... I can totally visualize it. I remember the two years in a row I broke Stacy Baird's finger in church ball (at least I think it was her). Terrible feeling, but pretty funny all the same. I'm pretty sure we have danced to every MJ song under the moon... especially at Bennion. I think we thought his was the only music that could be danced to.