Thursday, June 18, 2009

Incredibly grateful

(Mom eating ice cream in Prague. Yummy :)

(This is a classic picture of my Dad. He was giving us one of his professor-like lectures at the Bridge of Remagen in Germany. He knows WAY too much about WWII. You know someone knows too much when they think that a professor on the subject has said something incorrect. Thanks for all the laughs Dad!)

We just want to say how grateful we are to my parents. They let us live in the basement for a (long) while in order to save money for school and to pay off loans. Thank you so much Mom and Dad. We had some moments :) but it was fun to be there. We had some good laughs. Mitch definitely got to know my family even more :)

Thank you so much! We love you!

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Donna said...

I can almost hear your Dad's voice giving the lecture. Cool pictures of your Mom & Dad.