Thursday, June 4, 2009


We are here! I already love Tennessee. It is soooooo green, I am surrounded by country music and the accents are unreal! Everyone has southern accents and I can't get enough of it!

Okay, so we got here a little over a week ago but didn't have internet for a while. We have also been unpacking. I hate unpacking. But, we are now here!

Just want to give a shout out to Justin and Erika . . . and baby Parley! Congrats!

We drove two twelve hour days and arrived late last Tuesday night. We were sooooo tired! I do not recommend driving on the freeways at night in a rainstorm after driving all day. Let me just say that when we were driving to Lincoln our first night I thought I was going to die. The middle of Nebraska gets soooo dark outside! I am pretty sure we were driving in a monsoon and I was in my little escort next to huge semis. I had to honk at them a few times because they didn't see me in the rain! I was a little ticked and scared.

We were really lucky when we arrived because we were able to stay with a family Mitch knew from the mission. They were so awesome to us!

I don't know if everyone knows this but we are actually where Mitch served his mission. It has been so awesome for him! He has been grinning for days. We took a picture in front of the first apartment he lived in. Mitch always jokes that he has an English Mitch and Spanish Mitch. He says spanish Mitch is a bit of a different person. So, since Spanish Mitch originated in Tennessee it has been fun to see how happy he is. That sounded weird. Not that he isn't happy now it's just that being in the mission brings a different glow to him. We have been able to do many things with people he knows from the mission and it has been a blast! They have been so kind to us! It is nice to know people already.

Outside the first place he lived in the mission. It is actually down the street from the church building we attend.

*FYI we go to a branch and when we told them we were there to stay they literally cheered. Then, when I told them I play the piano they cheered again. It should be an adventure! We are actually going to do a service project on Saturday for someone in our ward and then there is a break the fast on Sunday. Look at how involved we are!

So far it has actually been quite nice weather. Translation: I am slowly acclimating to the humidity. One of my biggest worries was the humidity.

We live in an awesome townhouse community. It is on 89 acres and we have the most awesome landscape. A trail is literally right behind our place and it is so nice to go biking on. Love it!!!!!

Now for the reason we even came to Tennessee. Mitch started his first day on the 1st. This semester is mainly just anatomy for him. He has it everyday for 3 hours as well as class everyday. That smell he brings home everyday brings back good memories. We actually have a tender heart for anatomy because at BYU that was the first place he saw me. Awwwww. Go Mitch!

Entering Nebraska . . . drive of death!

Entering Missouri!

First day of school!

We have an extra room just for you! That is after we clean it up :)

We also have a loft. I call it the computer/crafts center :(

I love my piano! Did you know that we had one? My parents gave it to us for our wedding. It is the piano I grew up playing. I am so lucky!

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Ashley said...

Meg you sound so happy! Seriously I can feel how much you are loving Tennessee just by reading what you've written. I'm so happy for you guys. It looks so beautiful and green!
P.S. I HATE that anatomy lab smell! Does Mitch have his own cadaver (spelling?)

Ashley said...

Okay and I just read the post below and those are some seriously cute pictures! I especially love the one with Logan doing his pelvic thrust dance moves. He gets his pelvic thrusting skills from his mama :) Too funny! I also love the pic of you and me laughing because that pretty much epitomizes what we do when we all get together. Especially when we play funny games like how well do you know Megann.

Austin said...

Just so long as Spanish Mitch doesn"t kill English Mitch....a Mitch divided against itself cannot stand!

I miss you guys just knowing you are gone. Too bad we didn't see you before you left.

Caleb, Shannyn, and Clark Weiler said...

Nebraska is the death!!!! I have driven this route about a million times now and I think you did a fantastic job. Oh, moving is such an adventure. I hope that mitch loves his program. Have you found a job? What are your plans? Love ya