Thursday, June 4, 2009

Before we left

We had a few get togethers before we left to Tennessee. Here are some pictures. We got together with the girls, hung out with Mitch's family, we FINALLY hiked the Y (it was on our bucket list before we left UT. We both had never hiked it before!), ate one last time at our fav J-Dawgs in Provo, and went to dinner with my family. We went to dinner with my family at an amazing Italian restaurant downtown called Canella's. OMG! I had the best ravioli. EVER. It was to die for. I highly recommend it to anyone. But I forgot to bring my camera to take pictures of my family.

Enjoy the pictures!

So Jeff, Mitch's brother, just decided to stay in his work clothes and hike the Y with us. Awesome!

We are funny!

I love Hayden! He makes me laugh so hard!

I could not get enough of Logan's dance moves! He had the best back-bend dance ever!

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