Sunday, June 7, 2009

crafty and my new calling

So, about 4 months ago I started to get crafty again. I started scrapbooking again and after waiting for a good deal for a while I bought a Cricut Expression. It is THE greatest scrapbooking tool ever! I highly recommend it to anyone! LoVe it!!!

This part is belated. While the boys were at the Priesthood session for Conference the girls on the Taylor side got together and made the cutest bags ever. Keep in mind I have not sewn since well, 7th grade TLC and so I was actually really nervous. But I did it and I gained the confidence that I could sew. So, I made a quilt for Erika and Justin's new baby, Parley. It was my first one on my own so sorry there were some mistakes! Thank you for teaching me Mom! (My mom is an amazing quilter!!!!) The material was really cute. Good thing baby Parley came late and not early is all I have to say!

So, I got my calling for our branch today. I am going to be the Gospel Principles teacher. Apparently some people struggle in the ward with the basics. It should be interesting.

This weekend there was a service project in the branch where Mitch helped. They were building a ramp for a lady in the branch who has mobility problems from multiple medical problems. Did they get the ramp done? It was supposed to start at 8am and didn't really start until 10. I think you can figure out the answer. Mitch was able to get to know a lot of the men in the ward so I guess good did come of it :)

There was a break the fast after church and it was yummy! I haven't done this since my first couple of years at BYU so it was pretty fun.

We are going to see Carrie Underwood and Trace Adkins at the Grand Ole Opry on Tuesday night. I am soooo excited! Then, on Thursday begins the CMT music fest and we are going to see a bunch of performers including Brad Paisley and Rascal Flatts perform at the Tennessee Titans field. Yipee! Oh, and I have another job interview tomorrow. Yeah!

If you made it to the end of this post I applaud you!


Erika said...

Baby Parley LOVES the quilt (and so do we! There were NO mistakes.) I'm so glad you guys are liking it out there. Sounds like so much fun. I hope I will be able to say the same for Des Moines. :)

Donna said...

Hey Megann, beautiful quilt and guess what, I bought a Cricut too about the same time as you. I am going to make my daughter a memory book and hope to start it soon. Wow! you guys are going to have some fun seeing all the famous contry singers.