Saturday, March 7, 2009

random tidbits

This is a post of completely random facts about me that I am not sure why I am posting them but oh well.

I don't make my bed anymore. I went through a phase in college where I had to make it everyday. Now, not so much. It has gotten to the point that I really don't feel bad about it anymore. Sorry Mom.

I have a horrible habit of biting my nails. Horrible.

Do you ever have times where you want to wear two different pairs of earrings (or other jewelry) because you just like them both so much? Honestly, today I caught myself trying to figure out a way to wear both. My gold, sparkly hoops or my cute black earrings.

I think in facebook or blogspot status way too much. Pathetic. Megann is . . .

I love to fall asleep watching the T.V. It is just so soothing to me.

I secretly think Britany Spears is awesome (her songs and her dancing, not her personal life).

My favorite movies of all time are A League of Their Own, A Christmas Story and Pride and Prejudice.

I am truly obsessed with ice cream. I could eat it 24/7.

I really like it when Mitch wears Kswiss shoes. He always has to have a pair because of me.

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