Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hospital etiquette part 2

This one makes me laugh. You know, whenever you don't know someone by name you usually say Miss or Mr., right? Not at the hospital. Even after we tell patients our name several times and write it on their white board in the room it seems that our name is out the window. Instead, our name is nurse. When someone comes up to the desk and needs to get my attention they say, "nurse." Say I am walking down the hall and someone is behind me and they don't know my name they say, "nurse." This phenomenon just cracks me up. Why not just say Mam or Miss? When I am at the store and I need help do I say "excuse me shelf stocker," or "fast food worker!" ? Um, pretty sure I don't.

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Erika said...

I got called "teacher" last week! As soon as the kid said it, I looked at him and he realized his mistake and fixed it real quick. I thought only little kids did that, but apparently adults do it as well....just at the hospital. "NURSE!" Funny!