Monday, March 2, 2009

I will have to admit

I will have to admit that I am self-involved. Not that I love myself or anything it's just that I am always doing projects and keeping myself busy. I just can't help it. Ask my parents, I have always been a busy body that way. The reason I am pointing this out is because recently a few friends have moved out of state and I have found out after wards. We would always say, let's get together sometime or we need to get together before you move. And then, they are gone before we get together. I just wish that I would spend more time with friends, family. I have always been this way. So, to all of my friends. I am sorry. I am kind of a jerk. What am I trying to accomplish with this post? I don't know but I just feel so bad right now.

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Katie said...

We are very similar in that way. Sometimes I get down on myself and start to feel selfish. Then I try to convince myself that taking care of other people for a career will somehow make up for it. :) Maybe that's why I tend to stay to myself outside of work. Like I need the me-time or something. Hmm. Thought provoking.