Sunday, September 14, 2008

State Fair and a whole lot more!

So, I had never been to the state fair so we decided to go on Saturday night. Oh the joys of the state fair! It was so fun! My favorite things were the carpet slide, the livestock and the beef jerky that we bought. Don't worry in a matter of 30 minutes with the ticket prices, food, and rides we spent 40 bucks! So expensive! The livestock was fun to see especially Big Red. My other favorite thing was all of the well, interesting people in Utah that I don't normally see. I love '80's hair! Oh, and I love the women that wear all of the cowboy gear with their midriff shirts when they shouldn't be wearing midriffs. Seriously, where do some of these people come from! Oh, and I love all of the missing teeth on so many people.

There is one event from the night that took the cake. We could not believe what we saw. We were walking behind this pretty nasty couple as we were leaving and don't worry he puts his hand ALL the way down the back of her pants! Literally, we were only like 5 feet behind them. I pretty much saw her butt! I might add that she was not wearing any underwear. I could not believe it! And they were just laughing! Who does that?!

Gotta love the state fair!


Mitch and Lacey said...

I am laughing so hard over your comments about the state fair. I was there on Saturday too and totally agree with you.
That's awesome your friend is serving in the Baltics. I spoke Russian and spent half my time in Lithuania and half in Latvia. What language does your friend speak?

Julia M. said...

I love the state fair! That totally grosses me out about too much booty. The slide is my favorite, too. I'm glad you had fun! I've missed your updates since you're back to normal life. :) Where are you living and working?

Bethany and Thomas said...

SICK! I love trashy Utah people. My family loves the "where did all these nasty people come from" discussion topic after we go. One of my earliest memories is at the state fair when I met a cow that had a bonnet on and I fed it a bottle.

Luke and McKenzie said...

I LOVE the fair! For the same reasons you do. What is it about the fair that brings these people out?? And some of the displays are just as entertaining!

Kassie said...

We went on Friday night! Hayden loved BIG RED(no just kidding he cried and said he was scared!) He also rode the pony ride and loved it! I love watching all the crazies! oh, and I really love spending 10 bucks to park!