Saturday, June 14, 2008

I Love to See The Madrid sleep or not to sleep

Today we went to the Madrid Temple. It is so pretty! I was really hoping to have a nice spiritual experience. One should expect that at the Temple right? Well, not today. So many people kept falling asleep! I mean I have been know to doze off before and so has Mitch...more than a few times. I have seen people fall asleep before in the Temple but not like today. First, there was this guy that at the very beginning of the session that full on fell asleep. It took three people to wake him up! Then, he was supposed to stand up and didn't and they had to ask tell him to stand up. I was laughing so hard! Then, no joke, 6 ladies fell asleep by me! They were out cold! One was snoring. For real! I was dying! Then, the lady next to me kept falling asleep on my shoulder a little. 3 ladies had to be woken up so that they would participate in the ceremony. Oh, my. Then, the guy who had to be woken up earlier all of the sudden starts randomly raising his hand. He was so sleepy! I was seriously dying. So much for the Spirit! No, it was actually great and it is so beautiful!


Ben and KoriAnn said...

That is a good story, you are right, so much for feeling the spirit in that session. How are you guys?

Chad and Ashley said...

A funny spirit!

JoDee said...

Too funny. Hey guys - somehow I missed what you're doing in Spain - some kind of internship I'm guessing? Regardless, how COOL for you guys!!