Saturday, June 7, 2008

Late nights and crazy dreams

It finally gets dark here by 10:30, 11pm. So, we eat later than usual. Well, when I eat late I always have crazy dreams. Here are a few examples.

I had a dream that we couldn't get out of Salt Lake because aliens had crashed in Salt Lake. There were about 4 saucers that crashed. One of the aliens looked at me and it was really creepy. They had inhabited the bodies of the cops and so we couldn't trust any cops. It was really freaky!

I was at BYU in my last semester. I was with all my fellow nursing students and we were finishing up the semester. You know when you all of the sudden remember that you have a paper or project due? Ok, so I did that a few times at BYU. I am pretty sure on a few occasions I had to write 5 page papers in an hour or less. Well, in this dream I totally forgot about a paper and had to write it in a half hour between classes. (It felt so real! I was so stressed when I woke up!) So I go to the computer lab and am feverishly writing away. The only problem is it is really hard to type fast because everyone is staring at me. I am in a bikini! In the computer lab. Needless to say I didn't get my paper done.

I just had a dream last night about high school friends. We were all standing around in a circle and talking. For some reason I was really short and a BYU cheerleader. I have no idea where that came from. We were all at the football stadium and there was this competition for either bands or it was a cheer competition. I just kept booing all of the other teams. Well, all of the sudden Tricia Buck and Brian Cox come back to the circle (they had disappeared mysteriously) and they were married! Ha! I hope you read this Tricia!


Chad and Ashley said...

Yep pretty sure I just peed my pants! Tricia Cox. How funny would that be and for so many different reasons. That would be strange if he was my brother in law.

Julia M. said...

Hilarious! Dreams like that happen to me when I'm worried about waking up the next morning--like probably tonight! I start my new job in rehab tomorrow. I hope my dreams aren't like your one wearing a bikini at BYU--I don't know if I'd recover!

Ben and KoriAnn said...

Wow, you really do have weird and crazy dreams when you eat late. That is so weird that that happens to you. What else have you guys been up too??

Erika said...

Ha, ha! I love your dreams Megs. I also agree with Ash that it would be hilarious if Cox was her brother-in-law! HA! Talk about awkward.