Friday, June 20, 2008

Google is so smart! No more reunions needed!

I was thinking of something funny today. Google is truly awesome for inventing blogpsot. I bet the person who thought of it was like, you know I have a high school reunion and want to know what people are up to but I don't really want to actually see them. So, what do I do? Blogspot! I mean why do we need to go to high school reunions anymore? If you are on blogspot you know everyone's kids' names, where they went on their vacations, their jobs, etc. They are brilliant! Don't you think it is going to be incredibly awkward when you go to a reunion and you are like how is your daughter so and so? Or how was your vacation to ....(And the person you are talking to is thinking how do you know all that?)? I mean there could be some potentially awkward moments if you know way too much about that person.

So, thank you blogspot! I don't need to go to any more reunions!

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Catlin said...

Meg! So true! I love that I haven't seen you in years, yet I know what is going on in your life. I think it is great!