Saturday, June 7, 2008

funniness in Spain

There are always a lot of beggars and they come up with some pretty creative ways to make money.

1- A guy with no arms holding a cup by his teeth asking for money
2-there was a lady singing karaoke in a metro station. The song she was singing was kiss me, kiss me a lot. It was dang funny!
3- There was this guy with this crappy bat costume and he would just stand still and after people would put money in he would scare them. We looked at his pot with money in it and I think he had at least 150 euro. Crazy!
4- Midgets begging. They just sit on the ground and say "por favor!"
5-Clay lady. She had clay all over her and she just sat still. The best part is that Mitch remembers her from last year.
6- So there are always African guys selling boot-legged copies and purses, etc. The best part is that one of them watches out for cops and when they see cops coming they all hurry and clean up and run off. It is funny to see.

We have decided that Madrid is much more exciting than Salt Lake. There are always people out and unfortunately the beggars are fun to watch!

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