Monday, June 2, 2008


We are here in our apartment in Madrid. So, I just have to say that the weather here is not so great. It is cold and rainy and it is the 2nd of June! Boo!

We went grocery shopping today and something I saw was quite funny. There was this frozen pizza called, "Big American." Basically everyone else thinks Americans are fatties! I just think that Europe's fattiness hasn't hit them yet. There are so many McDonald's and Burger King's here and they are always packed with people. Watch out Europe because in a few years you will be fat too!

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That is so funny and I love reading your posts about your trip!! Love the top a good laugh and I guess that's why we like our sheltered box LOL But i would love to tour Europe you could say I am jealous even if you have to pee in nasty bathrooms and pay for them!! Have fun and keep posting!