Thursday, February 13, 2014

Random food

So, now that I am home with Autumn during the day except for Tuesdays, I find myself trying out new recipes while she is napping. This week I decided to try butter, yes butter, mayonnaise, and meringue.

 Who knew making butter was so easy. I just mixed whipping cream in my stand mixer for a few minutes until it started to form butter and the buttermilk. I emptied out the buttermilk and there it was! Butter! I am going to go even more from scratch next time and get raw milk, let it sit to form cream on the top and then mix up that cream to get my butter.

 I used my food processor. I added in a couple of egg yolks and turned it on. Then, I SLOWLY drizzled in oil until it started to get clumpy and that was it! Homemade mayo! I added in a little salt, some lemon juice and dijon mustard to give it some flavor. So easy!

I had some egg whites leftover from the mayo so I decided to make meringue (cookies). The only trick with meringue is the sugar has to be super fine like powdered sugar. So, I put the sugar in my food processor until it was really fine. I read that the ratio of egg white to sugar is 1 egg white per 1/4 c sugar. I started mixing up the egg whites and a little bit of cream of tartar until soft peaks formed. Then I slowly added in the sugar until stiff peaks were formed. I was able to take the bowl and turn it upside down with no movement from the meringue. That was it! So easy! I then put the meringue on parchment paper and put in the oven at 200 degrees F for 2 hours. Yummy! Very sugary but yummy!

I decided to try these things so I knew how to make food from scratch when I am out. Look forward to more food posts! My next attempt is going to be sourdough bread, homemade tortillas with rendered lard, curds and whey, and buttermilk substitute (like sold in the store).  Wish me luck!

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Bethany said...

Some of my other super easy grocery store replacements are ketchup, BBQ sauce, ranch dressing, granola bars, granola, peanut butter and jam. So quick and so worth it! Good for you. Nap time is a glorious time!