Saturday, February 15, 2014


Well, I had a #PinterestFail the other day. We weren't doing much so I wanted to try and make a rotating can rack. You know, one of these?

Well, mine wouldn't be so awesome as I was making a homemade one but you get the drift.  I found a website that gives instructions and pictures to follow along in how to make one. So, I then enlisted Mitch in my efforts. I always seem to enlist him when I have projects:)

Here is our version of making one. Not as good as theirs.

We used a template to make the rack.

We completed the project and it kind of works, we messed it up a little bit. It also took us too much time. So, we are considering it a #pinterestfail. The way I always look at it is if I can work one hour and buy it for a decent price less than or equal to what I make in an hour then I might as well just buy it.

Here is what my pantry looks like now:
Here is what I want it to look like:
I am doing such lame posts, sorry. I guess my life is just lame right now!

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