Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I have slacked like crazy!!

Well, it seems I haven't posted in 3 months. We have been busy these days! Mitch is studying like crazy as he gets ready to take the biggest test of his life on March 29th, the national licensure exam! THE test!! I have been busy too with things but I will get to that in another post.

Until then, I thought I would add some humor to your day with some journal entries of mine. I have kept a pretty regular journal since I was in 4th grade so I have some quality entries! :))

3/15/1995 (5th grade)
"I hate boys they're jerks (at least the gross ones are) I'm going to tell you something that I would never talk to anyone. Today Garrick said something like on the calculator he said BOOBLESS it made me cry but no one saw me. I'll tell you the rest tomorrow. Got to go bye!"

9/26/1996 (7th grade)
"I've done a lot of things. I went to Lagoon and as always it rocked. Oh and I have started Junior High and it is awesome!" (Yes, Lagoon does rock. Clearly I was only a few days into 7th grade because we all know that 7th grade is the worst!!!)

6/19/1998 (in between 8th and 9th grade)
"We had youth conference and the youth conference dance. It was sssssooooo fun! I don't know, I really wanted to dance with Adam Beckstrom but everytime he was taken. Cutie!" (wt? I have absolutely no recollection of having a crush on him but apparently I did! And, I was bold enough to attempt to ask him to dance!)

2/21/1999 (9th grade)
"We had the dance. It was great! Well, I got a phone call that Antonio Frasero was going to ask me out. Lie. I knew it. But at the dance me and Andy danced 3 times! We admitted to each other that we like each other. It was great! Why can't I be 16!" (It was no secret I thought Andy aka "Antonio Frasero" was fine!!)

10/2/1998 (9th grade again)
"Last night I slept over at Ash's with Heather and Kassie. We made a Titanic video. It was so funny! I can't even explain!" (Yes, we were cool and made home movies. Think, "Iceberg straight ahead!")

Later on down in the entry about school that day " . . .3rd-Buttorf wasn't there! Yes! No creepy man!"
 (ha! ha! El Presidente!)

2/02/2001 (Junior year)
"Holy crap! I haven't written in so long! NSYNC in Vegas was awesome! They were all so hot! It was the funnest thing ever. NSYNC was so good! And Justin Timberlake's hips were soooo good. I love em."
(Um, ew. I was kind of creepy! Oh, wait I still love his hips!)

4/7/2002 (Senior year)
(Referring to Choir tour senior year in San Diego). "I almost peed my pants! Laura, Tricia, Katie, Shannyn, Molly, Ash and I went on these things called rickshaws. We made our drivers Marco and Carlos race. It was so funny! By the end Carlos was dripping in sweat and his hat was covered in sweat! We were screaming and cheering. Marco! Carlos!"

Those are only a glimpse into the many funny things I wrote in my many journals. Hope you got a good laugh!!

One of the rickshaws and our favorite pedalist, Marco.

And just to show you my awesomeness . . .


Erin said...

The name Garrick is pretty unusual ... wonder if he's the same guy that works with me now.

Bethany and Thomas said...

Oh my goodness, this made me BUST up! It is so funny to look back on crushes or stupid things we did... I loved this so much. And that echelon picture is AWESOME.

Ashley said...

Oh my freaking heck! I am laughing so hard right now. I don't even know where to start. I remember all of those moments (excpet Adam). Who knew? I had forgotten our rickshaw drivers names. Hilarious! Btw, your toe touches were amazing!

Ashley said...

And I just read over it again and am still laughing my guts out! BOOBLESS? So funny!

Julia M. said...

This makes my day! I had a dream about you the other night. Just really random--on a cruise and you were there: how are you? Good luck to Mitch!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you're back. For the awesomeness in general you take after me I'm pretty sure.

Tricia Squisha said...

bwahahahha! I loved those journal entries. I used to be a really good journal writer, but not any more. What happened? That is hilarious!

Erika said...

Best journal entries ever!!! Laughing so hard! I had forgotten that we called Andy "Antonio frasero"!! Remember when I got you out of class 9th grade to come see him while we were in Drama? Oh junior high crushes. And so funny you loved Adam Beckstrom! Good times.

And good luck to Mitch on the test!

Donna said...

Loved the post from the past. Made me laugh. Please tell Mitch good luck with the tests.

Ben, KoriAnn & Brighton said...

I laughed this entire post. oh my goodness those are some great journal entries! You are awesome Megs! Also, I can't believe Mitch only has 41 days til graduation!!