Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In my opinion, the best thing for allergies and sinus infections

I feel odd posting this on my blog but since I have heard it has been one of the worst allergy seasons I thought I would share. This post is not only for allergy sufferers. It can be used in colds and nasal congestion (which really is most likely an allergy but you just don't want to admit it).

I have every allergy known. The only thing I am not allergic to? Cats :) How purrfect.

I also get wicked, wicked sinus infections. I mean head exploding, have to take work off, the most powerful antibiotics for 3 months, and needing to take steroids type of sinus infections.

A few years ago I decided enough was enough and I started to really do something about it especially since they got a million times worse moving here to Tennessee. I searched and experimented with almost everything.

Do you want to know what I found is the best treatment? The Neti Pot.

I am dead serious. It has worked wonders. I am not just giving you my opinion, I am giving you objective data. I used to get AT LEAST 3-4 serious and 5-10 minor sinus infections during the winter months up to the end of March. Last year I got 1 minor one and *knock on wood* I have not had one this year.

I realize it looks weird. It is weird and gross but it is by far superior than any nasal rinse. Trust me, I have tried them all. Not only is it the best method but the mixture put in the pot is the very mild on the mucous membranes. It has sodium bicarb and sodium chloride in a perfect mixture.

Here are my tips for use:

  • It is best while done showering. I know what you are thinking. Sick! Just trust me. 
  • Mix with lukewarm water.
  • It is best done in the shower because it is humid and moist which helps to loosen the drainage/crap in your sinuses and throat. Though, you can do it over the sink and it will still work just not as well. 

Do this every day.  I personally think everyone should do this.

When you are feeling more congestion or are sick do it 2-3 times per day.

I am telling you all. It works!!

Since I am a serious sinus/allergy sufferer I also take zyrtec every day. Yep, every single day. I do notice a difference when I miss a day. Also, I often take 2 zyrtecs on bad days. I know, I am not supposed to. (I have to take zyrtec because I also get hives. So, not everyone needs to. But, it does seriously help with the sinuses and nasal passages as well).

The daily use of the neti pot and daily zyrtec has seriously changed my life!!

*I really have not gotten any colds either. For me, colds are precipitated by my allergies on most occasions. But, on other occasions I think it is because my nose and throat are cleared often of the virus that usually sticks around.

If you need more tips on how to best treat a sinus infection just ask me. I am a pro!!!

Good luck!


Jenn and Chris Rasmussen said...

My sister in law is in love with the neti pot uses it all the time.

Kassie said...

Ha Ha... I LOVE the Neti Pot and have used it for years. Jon thinks its so gross but, it works like a charm.