Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Royal Wedding love

If you know me or have seen my facebook you know I am obsessed with the Royal Wedding.

I blame it on my mom. My mom was obsessed with Diana. She told me how she even stayed up to watch the wedding of Di and Charles. So, it began with me. I still remember the night Diana died. We were at home and mom was out grocery shopping. It came across the TV that Princess Diana had died in Paris in a car crash. My mom came home and Ry and I yelled at her that Princess Diana had died. I remember her telling us not to play a joke on her. I think a part of my mom died inside that night.

So, for mother's day that year we got her a giant framed picture of Diana. Awesome huh?

I blame my mom for my love of Prince William. I honestly thought I was going to marry him. I dreamt that I would be in London for a fashion show (apparently I thought I was going to go into fashion. Ha!) and he would see me walking on the street. Then, it would be love at first sight. Me and Prince William. We would then get married and it would be all over the news that Prince William married and American! And not only would he marry an American but he would marry a Mormon and join the church. We would get married in the Temple. Can't you just see it?

Ok, not so much.

But, that's okay because I love Kate Middleton. Isnt she fab?

I just love Wills! Ok, he may be balding now but I still adore him.

I have honestly been waiting for this wedding for years. I remember when they supposedly broke up for good a few years ago I was ,um, slightly devastated.

I just think they are so cute together. Don't you!?

I am a so obsessed that I woke up at 4 am to watch the wedding and it was delightful. I have been waiting in such anticipation for her dress and it didn't disappoint!

Amazing!!! I loved her dress!!!!!

I loved that it was at Westiminster Abbey. Gorgeous!!!!! I loved that William didn't turn around. He was the last person in the world to see her in her dress. Eeeeeekkkk!!!!

The balcony... So cute! Though, I wish he would have grabbed her closer. Love them!

Love this official photo. Isn't it gorgeous?!

Now to the funnies....

Ok, I am dying to know what Harry said to William when he looked to see Kate walking down the aisle. Such the jokester!

Maybe he was making remarks about "Piping hot" Pippa! Holy smokes she looked amazing!

Worst hat!!!!! Seriously, Beatrice? Again???!!! What was she thinking?!!

Ha! Ha! She was not a happy camper!!!!

Good luck to Kate and Will!!!! Please don't break up. I don't think they will since they have such a long history but I still get nervous.

I cannot get over this moment when he tells her she looks beautiful with that sheepish grin.

Cheers to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

It was worth being tired all day!

*I will say this, if I were British I might be slightly ticked that my tax payer money was spent on this but I am not so I got to thoroughly enjoy this moment!*

So, what did you think? Don't act like you didn't watch any of the royal wedding coverage :)

I can't wait until they have kids!!!


Jenn and Chris Rasmussen said...

i totally agree. I loved every minute of it I watched it over and over. She is fab and he is so cute. it makes me want to get married all over again. Seriously the kids, what a life they will have. So much fun.

Ben and KoriAnn said...

Ha! This is why I miss you tremendously!!!! I didn't get up at 4 to watch the wedding, but I spent all Friday night watching basically the whole wedding, and then watched more of it on TV after I had watched all of the clips from the internet. Ha! Kate looked stunning. Her dress was gorgeous and Williams face when he told her she was beautiful was priceless! I seriously melted inside when he looked at her. Oh goodness, I could go on and on but I will stop there. We can chat later about it when we see each other.