Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 31 - Come out, come out wherever you are!

I continue to need to find new Paleo recipes but I have been to lazy so I keep eating the same stuff. Oh well. I have too much on my mind such as, SVS!

Who is SVS? SVS is my sister's baby that is due any day now! Her first name has not been divulged so we just call her SVS or ninja.

Again, I have to admit something. I cried the other night. I am pretty upset about not being there on the day she is born. I for some reason think that I am the most important person in this birth. Oh wait, I am not. It's not like SVS is going to remember that I wasn't there. But, it just makes me sad that I will see her for the first time a month after she is born. Babies change so much in a month!!!!

I got a onesie for SVS with this logo on it. It is from the Loveless cafe I posted about earlier that makes its biscuits from scratch. Isn't that funny, or punny!?!!

Though, she is not coming out and may not actually fit in the onesie. The only good thing is that SVS is taking her time because she wants to be born in April and share her birthday month with her favorite auntie!!

I made a bunch of new posts from Day 25 to this post. Enjoy!

Tomorrow, a non-paleo day.


World's Most Anxious Granma said...

Is SVS afraid to come out and face this bad world or what? Or is she also depressed about no more Jimmer Show and wants to stay in her sress free world, being fed by mommy and feeling oh so comfortable?

SVS, it's really not such a horrible place and we will make it wonderful for you.

Granma again said...

But don't come today because we don't want you to always be known as an April Fool's joke.

I meant stress on the first post.