Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 30!!!! - Jimmer spanish style

We decided last minute to attend the friendly match of USA vs. Paraguay soccer at the Titans stadium.

It was awesome!

Landon Donovan!!!!

Mitch kind of has problems when it comes to posing. We have worked and worked on it and well, you can see the results :)

Wahoo! It was really fun! But, they lost. They possessed the ball for most of the game and had some really close shots but they just didn't pull it off. :((((((((

Jimmer en Espanol!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, bad photo quality but I had to crop off the tequila that was at the end of it :)

In other news, Day 30 of Paleo has arrived.

Has it been successful? Yes, and sort of. Because I am not so sure about it I am going to continue doing it. I feel better, yes. Do I look better? Yes and no. I don't have crazy acne (the occasional break out but I am okay with that. Severe acne like I was having off and on before was not okay). The strange thing is that I lost a few pounds at first (water weight) but then nothing. Literally. Not a pound. I wasn't doing this 30 day challenge to lose weight though. I was truly doing it to see if I would feel better and I succeeded at that. So, now my next 30 days is going to be focused on weight loss. Secretly, I was hoping I would just lose weight by continuing my usual exercise regimen (I do an hour cardio 4-5x/week), some new weight lifting classes, and the much healthier diet. Nope. Every other normal person in this world would have lost probably 10-15 pounds. Not me. I am supposed to lose weight to make my condition better but losing weight from my body is like a Republican liking Obama. Not going to happen.

But, I am not giving up quite yet.

Here's to 30 more days! Wish me luck!

Also, I have a my 3-month follow-up appointment with my endocrinologist in June and that will be 3 months of being Paleo. I just want to prove him wrong and show improvement with diet and no medication. 1 month had some positive results but I really need more to prove him wrong.

(Did I just imply by saying I am not giving up on the diet that Republicans could like Obama? :)

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