Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 24 - The Filipino Channel

Imagine this, you have a neurological disease that you need an infusion every month for 4 days. Each day last up to 5 hours. Then, imagine you have to have a strange nurse in your home managing that infusion. Doesn't that just seem so weird?

I am that strange nurse.

I do several of these infusions every month with different patients. I have a new case that I started this week. So, I have to start the IV, mix the medication, take a lot of vital signs and do paperwork. So for the other 3-4 hours I get to either finish paperwork I haven't finished from other patients, read, or watch TV.

What did I end up doing majority of my time at this latest infusion? I watched The Filipino Channel. No, let me re-word that. I was forced. This patient of mine was so awesome and nice and I just couldn't say no to watching the TV channel of his homeland. Watch! Watch the Filipino Channel!

I watched the traffic cameras in some of the busiest intersections.

I watched soap operas.

I watched entertainment shows.

I watched the news.

I pretty much speak Tagalog now.

Oh, and then my patient also liked to watch Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Family Feud. It was awesome.

I also really like being at his house when eating Paleo. It was easy to heat up my food rather than when I am usually on the road.

Though, he was so kind and kept offering me food. I politely declined saying it was because that I already had food but it was really that I couldn't eat the wonderful food he was offering me.

Oh, and another thing that I always get offered is tea and coffee. But, I decline that for another reason. People always think I am crazy when I tell them I don't drink tea or coffee. Seriously, they just look at me like I am an alien for a few seconds.

I love being an alien. I am always that weird alien.

So, I like to include random pictures with my post. I looked up weird alien and this is what came up in the images search. Isn't this hilarious! Why do ridiculous magazines like this even exist? And who actually buys them?!


Anonymous said...

the pictures didn't come thru

Mom said...

Yeah, the picture didn't come thru but I can imagine because your pictures are always hilarious. But here is my comment: are you really a strange nurse; I don't picture you as strange. How about a nurse who is a stranger. Oh whatever.