Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 16 - trying to channel the IMC cafeteria

One thing I loved about the cafeteria at Intermountain Medical Center when I used to work there was the grill. They made the best grilled zucchini and carrots. Amazing, and so simple. I loved eating there on night shifts.

Can you imagine eating grilled zucchini and carrots at 3:30 am? I can. Mmmmmm.

(kind of like this but no breading)

I have been trying to channel the IMC grill in a way. I have been baking my zucchini and carrots (not baby carrots, the big kind) in the oven.

Can I just say that baking veggies is so easy and so good?

Can you tell I have never really been a chef?

If you cook the carrots a little longer than they get caramelized I guess and are yummy and sweet. Mitch even asked my if I put sugar on them or something. Nope, just olive oil, salt, and pepper.

I also made butternut squash soup this weekend. Yummy.

Speaking of Intermountain Medical Center, I kind of miss it. I know that is weird to say. There are times when I hated it. No, loathed that place. I guess it just kind of felt like home to me. Especially the view of the mountains from the rooms on facing east.

I guess Intermountain Healthcare just feels like home to me. I worked at UVRMC in Provo, LDS hospital and Intermountain Medical Center. Also, I did clinicals for nursing school at Primary's and other smaller places of IHC. Lastly, I did volunteer at LDS hospital for 4 (? I think it was 4) summers in junior high and high school.

Isn't that sick to say that hospitals feel like home to me?

One last thing. People have told me good job with all this and I really appreciate it. No matter what the drive there are still times when it is hard. Like today. It is just one of those times where I was craving food. I saw a Cold Stone commercial and seriously was salivating. Yes, salivating. I actually haven't had ice cream for 4 months or so for some odd reason. Even before no gluten and the paleo experiment I just kind of haven't felt like it. Today was a major exception. I wanted to eat it sooo bad! Luckily, there aren't any all that close to us. Major disaster averted.

Also, people keep asking me about weight loss. You know, it is kind of a weird thing. I know going on this Paleo "diet" seems like I am doing it for weight loss. The weight loss would be a resulting bonus and would actually improve my symptoms. So, yes I am doing it for weight loss in a way. But, I am really doing this to get other things in check first. It is hard to explain. Hopefully you understand what I mean.

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Donna said...

Have you noticed any improvements in your health problems? Sure hope so. I really do admire you for sticking to the diet. I have dieted enough to know how hard it is. I have caved in more than once.