Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 15 - The rabbits save the daylight savings day!!

I hate daylight savings!

I think I have mentioned this before but we have "rabbits" above us. That is what we call them. When they first moved in they were rabbits in heat. At three in the morning with ear plugs in and after taking nyquil they woke me up. I said to Mitch, is that their dog? He said, no. It is her. For an hour it lasted. I finally banged on the ceiling. I then had to talk to the apartment manager the next day. Awesome.

Then, they decided to go the "cockfighting" route for a few weeks. Again at three in the morning we were woken up to a really loud "cockfight." Oh you know, screaming, throwing things, stomping, F-bomb this, F-bomb that. After an hour we had to call the cops. Awesome.
(Four cops came by the way).

Well, their drama finally came in handy. I did in fact change my alarm for daylight savings but I must have turned it off. Well, the "rabbits" came back and luckily woke me up for church.

Thanks "rabbits!" I never thought I would be happy awakening to her in the morning!

On to Paleo. I made sweet potato fries!!

Ask Mitch, they were delish!!!!

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