Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Walking in a winter wonderland ... er Tennessee

I bet you thought Tennessee had a lot of snow right??

It keeps snowing here like crazy!!!

Best part? It is beautiful with all the trees!

Worst part? People here are ridiculous!

*Tennessee school system is the most unproductive school system. School gets canceled every time there is even a forecast of snow. Seriously. One time it ended up not even snowing at all and there was no school. I should have been a school teacher!

* People freak out and stock up on bread, milk and eggs at the grocery story. So, they must think that survival food is french toast.

*People do not know how to drive in snow here! It drives me nuts!!! Don't slam on the brakes dummies!

*The news does not help! They freak people out like crazy if there is even an inch predicted. It is so annoying! I can't even count how many cars I see stuck on the side of the road after snow falls.

No, the worst part is we have actually had real powder and I can't go skiing. I have been itching to go skiing so bad!!

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