Thursday, February 10, 2011

Goodbye Coach Sloan... the Jazz just won't be the same

Goodbye Coach Sloan :( The Jazz just won't be the same without you. The glory days are officially gone. Ok, the had been gone for a while without Stockton, Malone, Hornacek, and the late Larry Miller (and in my opinion Bryon Russell because I was pretty much in love with him back then). But now, they are really gone.

I will have to admit I am a little put out by D-Will. When we met him in Memphis he was well, kind of a jerk. Ok, he did just lose to the Memphis Grizzlies and we were technically in an area outside where they usually meet fans. But it still kind of irked me. As we were leaving area the last person to come through the door was Jerry Sloan. We were really surprised because we thought he was already on the bus. He was so nice and just awesome. Even though his team had just lost. I know it is different losing as a player rather than a coach. It just seemed that Coach Sloan really cared about the fans and he even thanked us for driving all that way to come to the game which D-Will did not.

Anyways, I just really love Coach Sloan. Sad, sad day.

Good luck D-Will.

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