Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 13 - Becomes Day 1

I started Paleo today.

I would say the hardest thing about today was the fact I was really craving salsa and chips and brownies. We had some gluten free brownies that we baked a few days ago that I still left around for Mitch to eat.

I wanted to eat some so bad after church!!! Gotta have a post-church sweet!

By the way, before I went to bed on Saturday night I might have indulged on some of those brownies. My stomach did not feel so good on Sunday morning. Oops.

Also, another difficult thing is I have to consider my work schedule. I am on the road a lot so I have to pack my lunch and snacks with me to have in my cooler in my car. I just have to plan ahead which is something I am not good at. This is the hardest thing about this new way of eating. I am soooo not good at planning ahead.

Goooo team Paleo!!!!!

(Oh, wait it is more like single Paleo. Mitch is not participating in Paleo . . . as of yet. The no dairy thing is no bueno for him).

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