Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 10 - COPS

( Not this kind, the real kind)

Bad boy, bad boy what you gonna do when we come for you. But first let's talk gf.

Ok. Another really hard thing? Going to a sporting event and eating gf is really hard. In fact, you really can't. So, I was yet again really hungry when we went to a Preds hockey game. I really didn't enjoy myself but it wasn't so much the food it was the fatigue? Why was I so freakin' tired?!

We hate our neighbors above us. They suck.

We have had to complain about them before because they are like rabbits. Yes, we call them rabbits. When they first moved in they were always in heat. Even at 1 am after I had taken nyquil and put in ear plugs they still woke me up. So, we had to complain. That stopped during sleeping hours. Ugh.

But, then they decided to go the domestic violence route. We don't even know them (in fact we avoid them like the plague) and we know they have a toxic relationship.

There have been several nights after hearing the f-bomb dropped repeatedly that we just let things slide.

On Wednesday night or really Thursday morning . . . at 3 am . . . things got nasty. There was all sorts of stomping, throwing things, yelling, slamming doors, etc. Yep. We had to call the cops. Awesome.

Did I mention I hate our neighbors? They suck.

We then had to complain to the office manager again who really doesn't give a crap.

I hate our neighbors. They suck! Our lease ends in 3 months. I can't wait!

(To come, somehow I got behind a bit. I will catch up on those days. Oh, and I started Paleo)

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