Thursday, September 30, 2010

Church 101

I need to re-take church 101. Apparently I crammed for the test and have now forgotten everything.

I am truly afraid that I am going to be stripped of my 9th grade Gordon B. Hinckley seminary award. I really hope Mr. Barrus is not reading this blog!!

Pretty sure it has been more than 4 months since I have done any sort of visiting teaching (Ok, actually six but I just didn't want to admit it. Crap. Now you all know).

I yet again forgot about the Relief Society broadcast last week.

I have a problem with sleeping in. I turn off my alarm clock unknowingly all of the time. Luckily, I have Mitch to help me out. Except on Sundays. He has early meetings. Therefore, last Sunday I slept through my alarm (woke up to beeping that had been going on for at least an hour) and then found myself outside the chapel a few minutes just after the sacrament ended. Great, I missed the most important part. (Give me some slack though, it actually takes more than the standard 1-minute drive to get to church in these parts).

I cannot decide what I want to read in the scriptures so I pretty much just read whatever . . . as in I have just been opening my scriptures to whatever page and reading whatever even though it may be in the middle of a chapter. Yeah, not getting much out of it. Especially when done lying down in bed (I am a Greek master though, just ask Erika).

Sometimes if we forget to read together and realize it as we are going to sleep . . . we each just quote our favorite scriptures. Nope, we don't even sit up or turn on the lights. That SO counts as reading together.

Mitch volunteers for everything whenever people in the branch need it. Me, not so much. In fact, I often discourage him so that he will spend time with me and not other people. Selfish, I know. I don't know why but it just ticks me off sometimes! I guess the motto "Charity Never Faileth" has not stuck so much in my brain. Seriously, who discourages someone from doing service? Honestly.

I have to admit something. Sometimes I can't stand to listen to church talks, especially Relief Society talks. The way they talk is so annoying sometimes. Why can't they just talk like they would in a normal conversation? Why all the cheesy intonations? Ok, I sound really negative here but you all know it is true!

Family Home Evening. What's that?

There are so many more things to list but there is just not enough time.

I have saved the best for last though . . .

Sometimes, I, uh, watch Jersey Shore on Sundays. (Yes, I just admitted that I watch Jersey Shore. And the worst part is I actually like the show).

There you have it. I need to re-take Church 101.

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Julia M. said...

Meg, I totally understand how rough it can be. At least you read or quote scriptures to each other nightly--we hardly ever do that. We might have FHE once a month, and I feel out of place in my RS. Like I'm having an identity crisis at 26. Weird, huh? I think you're okay. You know all the truths, so maybe you can find one person you like in your ward and go to see them. I'm still searching for my one friend! :)