Sunday, April 25, 2010


You know, everyday I always think of great posts but then I never actually post. Everyday I keep thinking of this post but I just haven't taken the time to post. Well, here is today. I don't know what it is but working in the health care field you meet a lot of crazies as well as really funny people. So, below are some of our favorite quotes.

"My favorite show is L.A. Ink. I love that show L.A. Ink." (Said by a 85-year old man who has been Mormon his entire life. In fact, he had been a Bishop a few times).

"The tie on your pants looks like a sausage!"

"You are a lazy a**!" "I am not a lazy a**!" (A fight then proceeded between the two patients. A fight at the state mental hospital I might add).

"I do not just sweat on one arm!!"

"I didn't know I couldn't smoke in the bathroom."

"Sorry about the cheeto." (I was doing an ekg on a patient and found a cheeto in one of her fat rolls).

"I just heard about the greatest new website. It is called e-harmony." (A patient at the state hospital that was sooo crazy! Scary!).

And the top three quotes . . .

"I am going to have surgery on my leg. The doctor is going to use a cheese grater." (Gotta love the state mental hospital).

"I'm guilty!!! I'm guilty!!" (One of the special needs people had eaten her roommate's candy and proceeded to scream this aloud as she cylced on her stationary bike. I was dying!).

"Afterbirth! I ain't ever heard of no afterbirth! Oh Lordy!" (A patient referring to when she had her first baby and she didn't know about the placenta. I love my patients in the South! Hilarious!).


Erika said...

"Sorry about the cheetoh" Seriously? Hilarious and disgusting! Blech.

Cottam Family said...

I think the Cheetos one should make the top countdown...I started laughing in my office and got some great looks. :)