Monday, April 26, 2010

Our NEW bikes!

Can you tell that Meg loves her bike? (If you can't tell, she is hugging it).

This is my sweet ride!

We finally are able to report that we got new road bikes! Lotoja here we come. Megann has had hers for the last month and has been leaving me in the dust as I tried to keep pace on my mountain bike. Now it is my turn to repay the favor! On Thursday we tried to go a long ride but the rain put a damper on the situation. On Friday I rode about 40 miles to christen my new bike. I went from the dam by our apartment to the Titans stadium downtown. My ride was filled with many surprises. First, when I got close to the stadium the road was blocked temporarily. They were holding a mini-marathon (1 mile) for the local elementary kids prior the the actual Music City Marathon the next day. I had to wait a little longer than expected to get through as there were a few husky boys walking for over 1/2 of the mile. The next surprise was the worst. I was crossing the Cumberland River on the pedestrian when in the distance I saw this lady in a bright purple outfit. As I approached my eyes and mind were forever scarred. This "thick" lady was wearing skin tight purple pants and a low cut shirt exposing almost her entire bra. And to top it all off she was wearing a gold necklace. Did I mention that her teeth were the nicest. I can't decide if she was a prostitute or a wife getting "glamor shots" done for her husband. I hope that he'll appreciate her efforts. The last surprise was a snapping turtle in the middle of the path. I picked him up to move him off the trail so that he would not get run over. While in my hands he started to stick his legs out rapidly as if in survival mode. I ended tossing him to the side rather than setting him down gently. Can't wait to see what other surprises lay in store during out future training rides!

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Ashley said...

For some reason I have this huge desire to go jump on my mountain bike and ride into the sunset when I look at your bike. So shiny.

My vote is prostitute.

Meg I have a few "crazies" stories that I would like to add. Maybe we should write a book one day.