Sunday, February 21, 2010

We are meant for each other

We went on walk this weekend around our neighborhood. There is this house that for some reason has a hearse on the front lawn. It has been there for a long time.

As we were walking by Mitch dared me, no actually he double-dog dared me (if you think I am joking you are wrong, he really said that) to go and look in the back. I am guessing he wanted me to check if there was dead body in the back.

So, I did. I walked onto the lawn and looked in the back of the hearse.

No dead bodies.

We are strange together. True love.


Ashley said...

So why do they have a hearse on their lawn? Weird. Haunted house all year long? When we were in Disneyland Chad dared me to order my food in a Chubaka (sp?) voice. We're pretty cool just like you guys. I guess that's why we are friends because we think that stuff is funny.

Cottam Family said...

Love it. Seriously. I am glad though that there was not a dead body in the back, cause that would just make the situation more wierd....think about it. It is wierd enough that the hearse is on their lawn, but it would be even wierder if the hearse was just chillin on the lawn with someone in it! Good to hear that you are two kids too :)