Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Uncle Jesse and the Rippers

I attempted to see Uncle Jesse and the Rippers this last weekend while in San Francisco for a work meeting but I did not succeed. However, I did take a picture in front of the "Painted Ladies" as made famous by the best show ever, Full House. I had planned to have a picnic on the lawn you see in the picture but it was raining. It happened to be the only time that it rained while I was there. Boo. Just my luck.

I also managed to squeeze in some time shoppping at my favorite store ever, Zara! I love that place. I was soooo excited when I found out that it was in San Fran. It was also very conveniently located about a block from my hotel. Oh, and I scored two very cute pants for $9 each! Yes!

My co-worker and I also ate at the most amazing restaurant ever! It is called Mochica.

It is Peruvian and so amazing! Mitch and I have to go back to San Fran for that restaurant alone.
I never been a huge fan of San Francisco but I have changed my mind. I heart San Fran!!

I realize I have slacked majorly in the blogging department. Does anyone even read our blog? I just don't know if it is worth it to have one. I just don't really take the time anymore to update it.


Natalie said...

I read your blog, Megann!

(In answer to your question)

Hope you guys are doing well. xo

Kassie said...

Meg, I read your blog and have been wondering if you two were alive! I love San Fran! What store are you talking about I have never heard of it?

Julia M. said...

Meg, I've missed the updates! You should keep them coming!

I heart San Fran, too! I'm glad you had so much fun!

Erika said...

You know I read it! Also you KNOW how much of a fan I am of Uncle Jesse and all things Full House! Glad you got the pic despite the rain.

Ashley said...

Yes I read it and have been wondering what in the heck you guys have been up to. I'm so sad you didn't run into Jesse or Danny or DJ. Sadness. I love San Fran!

Jenn and Chris Rasmussen said...

I love to read your blog. It lets me know what you guys have been up too. I love san fran too. It is so much fun to be there and you can walk or trolley just about anywhere. I also love full house. I watch it sometimes in the morning with Saved by the bell. love that too.

Think of your blog as a journal. You don't have to get personal on here if you don't want to but the thing is is that you can if you want to. I write and tell sometimes what I am thinking. If you can't tell. Somethings that I really don't want to share I don't. I get also alot of great comments when I need advise or just a computer hug. Think about it.

Mitch and Lacey said...

You should keep your blog. It's entertaining and I like hearing about your adventures on the other side of the country.

Caleb, Shannyn, and Clark Weiler said...

I, like Kassie, was starting to wonder if you were still alive. Hello, I read your blog. Do you usually travel for work?

Cottam Family said...

Keep at it...especially since we don't get to see you as much as we want! :) Miss you Meg!

Ben and KoriAnn said...

I read your blog too. You better not stop blogging. I would be very sad.