Sunday, September 20, 2009

updates galore!!!!!!

Updates galore!

So, I have been MAJORLY slackerish lately. I have wanted to update but the card reader in our computer has not been functioning optimally. But now it is working so now you get to see what we have been up to. There are a few posts here so make sure you look at them all. I am sure you are all soooo excited! Since we are so awesome, right?! Right.

Updates on: Anniversary, Florida vacay, Fort Campbell, BYU v Oklahoma, BYU v Tulane.

So, if I don't get at least two comments on each post I am going to be ticked at all of you. I spent soooo much time uploading these pics. I guess I will find out if anyone reads our blog.

Oooh! I almost forgot! I have started couponing and I am so excited! I save sooo much! This week I saved $86. Boo ya!


Jenn and Chris Rasmussen said...

you guys travel so much. How do you afford it!!! So jealous.

Ashley said...

So I just read through all the posts and here are my comments in chronological order...

1. Remember when Cosmo was hip hop dancing at a game and we were totally in love with him? I'm not sure how you fall in love with a dancing cougar, but that night oh baby I wanted a piece!

2. Hot pants with a BYU sleeveless shirt? Oh baby! Hello!

3. Love cute old people!

4. Looks like a beached whale. No seriously!

5. Way to go Mitch on the anniversary!

Kassie said...

I love all your post.. It is so fun to read all the fun things you get to do. I am super jealous you got to go to both the oklahoma game an tulan. Too, bad you missed such a good game on saturday. Psych!! ha ha I just said psych. Anyway, I am super jealous of the dance lessons what a great gift mitch. BTW who doesnt take model pictures on the beach. It always makes me feel much better about myself when we go to the beach. Anyway, love ya meg and miss you tons. It was fun talkin to you the other day!

Joyce said...

So glad you finally blogged all this. What great pictures. Did you get the hero's autograph for Dad? OMG Mitch and the BYU cape, that is classic!

Ben and KoriAnn said...

Will you please teach me your couponing (sp??) skills?? I need to save some serious dough come March.

Erika said...

Also, I LOVE couponing. I guess I have to since we have NO money. Do you use a site or just do it yourself?