Sunday, September 20, 2009

updates! BYU v Tulane and New Orleans!

We once again decided to make a last minute vacay. We decided to go to the BYU v Tulane game in New Orleans {another 8 hour drive from Nashy}. It was also very fun but very different. Let's just say that Tulane has well, no fans. We had more fans present and their school is across the street from the superdome. The superdome is so massive and with the amount of people not present the automatic temperature of probably 50 degrees to keep the stadium cool during the game sure did its job. It was freezing inside! It was stark contrast to outside the stadium which was warm and very humid.

We were able to move so close that we were a few rows from the field and by the 50 yard line. I love Cosmo!
We brought our BYU blanket and Mitch decided to make it a cape and run around. ????

Doing the Haka dance.

Of course while we were there for the game we had to see the city! Amazing! I LOVE New Orleans. When Katrina happened I didn't quite get why the city had to be saved and rebuilt. I get it now. It would have been a great travesty for that city to go under. When we were driving home out of the city we were able to see many homes, apartments and businesses still ravaged from Katrina. It is sooo sad to see. I can't imagine what it was like after it happened.

Calle de Bourbon. Great during the day. See below for the night-time Bourbon street.

Mmmm! This place was sooooo yummy! I highly recommend it! We didn't have coffee in case you were wondering. We had wonderful beignets (fancy French for amazing doughnuts).
So, we decided to take a stroll on Bourbon street at night. Whoa! {said in Joey from Blossom voice} It is craaaazzzzzyyyy! This place was insane. I cannot even imagine what it is like at Mardi Gras! This picture of the crowds does not even come close to doing it justice! I thought that the Running of the Bulls was bad but this place is nuts!

Another moment of taking pictures of people we don't know. These two old (when I say old, I mean old!) ladies were wanting give out their beads to these young guys. Everyone was incredibly drunk. Makes for great people watching/laughing!
Did I mention they get wasted on Bourbon street?

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Julia M. said...

I think if I was there during Mardi Gras, I'd have to go topless. So fun!

I loved all the updates. I'm glad you two are enjoying your close proximity to super sweet places. Pretty sure I'm jealous. The end.