Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I am too lazy to upload pictures from our adventures so I will just give a list for now

-went to McMinnville again. Rode four wheelers. Fished. Sleptover. I finally finished Eclipse while reading by the lake. Yes, for the first time.

- I have been enjoying my new job. I am even more of a vampire now. One thing I love about being a nurse is drawing blood. Weird, I know. For some weird reason though there is such a rush when you hit the vein and you see blood rush in the line. Also, I actually have time to talk to the patients I help. It is nice.

-Mitch has been a "lazy a**" (There is a story behind that phrase, if you want to know you can ask him. It involves a story while working at the state mental hospital ) while off between semesters.

- Mitch is off of school because he finished his first semester! One down, only 8 to go! :(

-went to Fort Campbell for the "Week of the Eagles" fest. The 101st airborne's base is at Fort Cambell which is about 45 minutes north of Nashville on the Tennessee-Kentucky border. The "Screamin' Eagles" is another name of the 101st. I know a bit about the 101st airborne (from my Dad) so we thought it would be interesting. Mitch's cousin is stationed up there so we stayed at his and his wife's house. And . . . there was free concert which had of course my fav performer once again . . . Carrie Underwood! She is seriously amazing. I know I have said that a gazillion times but she really is. Jake Owens, Hank Williams Jr, and John Rich were also there. Oh, and all the white trash military folk you could imagine. We had to get the security to break up a drunk fight at the concert and I for sure have emphysema now.

People in the south INHALE cigarettes!


Ashley said...

Meg I love the lazy a** story! Good times working at a mental hospital! Sheesh I'm jealous you've seen Carrie Underwood so many times. For some reason I always want to call her Carrie Underwear because that's what Chad calls her, and I am totally laughing about it right now. We are 10 years old if you haven't noticed. Hope you guys are doing great!

Laura said...

Mitch totally deserves to be a lazy a**!! Ha ha!! I am totally jealous of all your country music rendezvous!! Did you make friends with Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman yet? What did you think about Eclipse? Are you going to read Breaking Dawn?