Monday, August 31, 2009

BYU vs. Oklahoma

Just counting down the days until we head to Dallas to watch the Cougs face off against the Sooners in the new Cowboys stadium. We can't wait! Ashley, enough with your anti-BYU smack! All we ask is that you keep paying your tithing.-JK Although the Cougs may lose, hopefully they'll give the Sooners a run for their money.


Ashley said...

I must be missing you Meg because I don't even feel like giving you any BYU crap right now. Well lets give out an OOOO-EEEE-OOOO for good times sake. If they lose (which they definitely will) don't be surprised if you get a message on your phone with me singing the OOO-EEE-OOO song.

Ben and KoriAnn said...

You guys are going to have so much fun. I am so jealous. I totally wish we could go with you guys. What day do you guys come back? I know Mitch said that you guys are flying out on Saturday. Have tons of fun, and report all about it when you get back.