Friday, January 2, 2009

Why I am grateful for 2008

This last year was interesting for the world but for me it was really great. Here's why . . .

Mitch graduated and has a good job with benefits
Graduation day and the party that followed!
I have a good job with good benefits
We visited my mom's mission in Germany
We visited Mitch's grandpa's WWII memorial in France
Seeing the Normandy memorial - breathtaking. I am so grateful to all of those who served in the military.
Five Utahns on Utah Beach
Going to Berlin, Dachau and many other cities in Germany and gaining a greater understanding about WWII. It was amazing.
Laughing my head off in Europe with/at my Dad
Seeing the running of the bulls - so funny!
Swimming in the Mediterranean
Mitch's calling to serve in the Young Men's presidency
Playing piano in Relief Society for part of the year
Can you saw Twilight!? Love it!
Spending time with family
I continue to have great friends
Getting a raise!
Christmas was so great. We are really blessed! In fact, we are spoiled!

Even through all of the rough patches we had, it is evident that we actually had a good year. I have been reading in the newspaper that many are saying that 2009 can only get better because of how bad 2008 was. If so, I can't wait for what 2009 brings!



I love all your new pictures!! You guys have been the world travelers this past year!! Sounds like so much fun:) ps...the scrapbook program is memory mixer. I love itand it is soooo easy! Kinda addicting! :) Well at least I have something to do while Casd plays x box:)

McKenzie said...

What an exciting year with all of your travels this summer! Hopefully '09 will be just as exciting!