Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Posts galore

So, I have been a slacker in my blog posting and pictures from the last few months so here you go.

These first five are from our annual mint day. All of the ladies on the Bennion side get together and make mints. Yummy!

My uncle Kevin and aunt Ellen also made gingerbread houses.

The BYU-Utah game. Oh, so sad.

My sister was the lone U fan. When she was cheering we all wanted to kick her butt.

We gave the old family truck to my mom's cousin. That truck is a gem.
I love this truck because it is so hard to drive the stick shift but so fun. Also, to get out of it I had to kick the door open.

There was a Veteran's memorial put in place in Altamont where my Grandpa Bennion was from. He and his brothers were honored. My grandpa's brother, Dee, was killed in the Philippines in WWII.

Their names are listed above: Barton (who is still alive),
Lowell (my grandpa who has passed away), and Dee
(he died fighting in the Philippines).

Mitch's grandparents, Evan and Connie Taylor, had their
50th wedding anniversary party at Deer Valley.
Above they are cutting the cake. They were married in Germany when Mitch's grandpa was stationed there. They didn't have a wedding cake so this was the wedding cake they never had!

This is random but I had to post it. We were at a football game earlier this year and it was actually really intense (I know what you are going to say U fans!). This lady in front of us kept falling asleep! I don't know how she slept through all of the noise!

Last but definitely not least, my gift from Camel. I received a lovely gift in the mail from Camel cigarettes for $1.50 off a pack. How in the world did they choose me! I am the least likely person to smoke! Maybe I have another personality and I am a smoker. I have yet to figure this out! Don't worry, I am going to send pictures to them of me burning this "gift" and I am going to tell them what I think about smoking. I guess they just don't know that I am LDS and a nurse. What were they thinking! What a waste!


Julia M. said...

Hey Meg! My sister-in-law lives in Upalco which is disturbingly close to Altamont. What a cool memorial. It looks like things have been fun for you! Merry Christmas!

Mitch and Lacey said...

You guys have been busy! I LOVE that Camel sent you discount coupons. How hilarious! On my mission they had ads in the bus stops for Nicotine-free, herbal cigarettes. We always joked that the missionaries should smoke them so the natives would think we were "normal" and actually talk to us. Gross!!

Clare said...

Clint gets coupons and stuff like that from Camel sometimes, just in the last year though. I don't know how they got his name either.