Sunday, December 14, 2008

My hatred for Ute fans seems to be true

So, I have always said that I hate the U. But, it is kind of one of those things where I really couldn't explain why. It was just the case. Including in that hatred is that I hate most Ute fans. I have just always known them to be trashy and no good. I mean they just are because they just are, they are Ute fans. How could they not be? It seems by an article today that I may have been proven right. Dick Harmon wrote the story, "BYU's done pouting, back to business," in the Deseret Morning News where he describes the experience of BYU's middle linebacker, Matt Bauman after the rivalry game. Harmon writes, "The last time middle lineback Matt Bauman had a helmet on, he was walking off the field, disappointed and dejected when a Utah fan came up, taunted him and tossed a cup of beer in his face. Even as it splashed off his eyes and dripped down his nose and chin, he just kept walking to the locker room."

Um, can you say trashy?!

Is this true? Can anyone dispute this? Although this was the Des News that I was reading and that it was a BYU article, the fact of the matter is a Ute fan splashed beer on his face.

Until anyone can prove this article otherwise, I consider it true. Can anyone tell me of a similar story by a cougar fan? If so, go ahead. I just have never heard of anything like this one.

Yep, you have proven yourselves Ute fans. I do in fact have a reason not to like you. ( Well, most of you).

Yours truly

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Clare said...

Megann, I was happy to find your blog. Good to see that you guys are doing well.