Saturday, November 15, 2008


We took this picture above at the Salt Lake Temple. I love digital cameras. They make an amateur photographer look like a pro!

In light of all of the protesting about proposition 8 I have come to an interesting conclusion. I say people can use their constitutional right to freedom and speech. They can protest all they want. It is okay with me because people know that the Church believes in. The the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believes that marriage is between a man and a woman and it also believes in family as the fundamental unit in society. I am so glad that people know what the Church stands for. I am glad that they used their voice. I personally could care less if people protested outside my house ( I guess I should be careful with that statement because we are living at my folks' place. Sorry Mom and Dad if we get protesters!). At least people would know where I stand and that is important to me. I say protest all you want but the LDS Church will never change its fundamental beliefs about marriage and family.

As for the vandalism and dangerous acts done by people in protest to the LDS Church and other churches, that is just plain wrong. I hope that those people are discovered and prosecuted accordingly.

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Mitch and Lacey said...

I agree with you 100%. People do have a right to protest, and it is comforting to know that despite the protestors, the Church will NEVER change its beliefs. It's just too bad that things turn violent and property gets damaged.